How to choose fiberglass grating

Release time:2023-04-26

1. To determine what fiberglass grating panels are needed for, that is, to clarify their usage objectives. If a manufacturer in a car wash buys a grille board, they are preparing to use it as a load-bearing plate for the car wash.

2. After determining the purpose of fiberglass grating, it is time to determine the size and specifications of the grating plate used. Through the manufacturer's relevant introduction, we can have a general understanding of the grid plate. For example, in a car wash, you can choose a 2.5cm thick grid plate or a 3.8cm thick grid plate. In electroplating equipment factories, 2.5cm thick grid plates are commonly used. In sewage treatment plants and chemical plants, a 3.8cm thick grid plate is often used.

3. After selecting the appropriate thickness of fiberglass grating, calculate the size of the grating plate during use. As in a car wash. The size of a car wash space is mostly 1.220 * 2.440 meters, while the size of the fiberglass grille is 1.220 * 3.660, which requires cutting before it can be put into use.

4. Choosing suitable raw materials to produce fiberglass grating plates that meet the requirements, such as those used in chemical plants or sewage treatment plants, requires selecting resins with high corrosion resistance for production.