Precautions for using fiberglass grating

Release time:2023-04-26

1. Due to small density and light material, it is easy to float pipes when installing glass fiber reinforced plastic grids in areas with high underground water level. Anti floating measures such as anchor blocks or rainwater runoff diversion must be considered.

2. In the construction of opening tees on the installed fiberglass grating and repairing pipeline cracks, it is required to have dry conditions similar to those in the factory, and the resin and fiber cloth used during construction need to be cured for 7-8 hours. However, on-site construction and repair are generally difficult to meet this requirement.

3. The existing underground pipeline detection equipment mainly detects metal pipelines, while non-metal pipeline detection instruments are expensive, so the fiberglass grating cannot be detected after being buried. Other construction units are prone to digging and damaging pipelines during construction.

4. The fiberglass grille has poor UV resistance. Surface mounted fiberglass grilles delay aging time by producing a 0.5mm thick resin rich layer and ultraviolet absorber (processed in the factory) on their surface. With the passage of operating time, the rich resin layer and ultraviolet absorber will be damaged, thereby affecting their service life