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FRP mold surface treatment

FRP mold surface treatment

Data:2019-05-14 11:09

The quality of molded FRP products, in addition to the overall technical quality of the factory workers, the most important is the quality and service life of the mold. The domestically produced FRP molds are structurally good and can be compared with other industrialized countries. However, the surface quality of FRP molds is generally poor. In addition to domestic mold resins and tooling equipment defects, most domestic manufacturers. There is no foreign factory that pays attention to master mold making and mold surface finish. The finish of FRP products depends on the smoothness of FRP molds. Therefore, the FRP products at the domestic and international grades are fine and refined on the surface of FRP molds. FRP molds are the mother of products, and more efforts are made on FRP molds in the future. Get better results on it.

The surface treatment technology of FRP mold is introduced as follows.

First, the new model and the old model renovation:

1, water mill - new mold or old mold renovation, first water sandpaper water mill, water sandpaper water sandpaper starting point is high, generally starting from 600, some users to improve work efficiency, starting from 400 or even 400 thicker water sandpaper For the sake of the moment, it is not known that the fine sandpaper caused by the coarse sandpaper can not be ground after grinding. After the 600th, 800, 1000, 1200, 1500 (or even 2000) should be gradually improved. One can't save, and it's necessary to work hard, be willing to make great efforts, and spend a lot of effort, not to be speculative.

2, polishing - first apply a proper amount of coarse polishing agent on the surface of the mold, and polish it with an electric polishing machine. When polishing, the wool disk is placed flat on the surface of the mold, and the polishing machine is turned into a circular spiral operation, and the pieces are thrown over. Don't miss the throw, the main workload is rough, so the general rough throw will be at least two times until the mold is smooth. After the rough polishing is finished, replace it with a new wool disk, and then finely throw it with a fine polishing agent. Repeat the above operation. The thickness polishing agent cannot be used in the same way as a wool disk. It is best to use a polishing machine.

3, clean mold - clean mold process is to remove the polishing agent residue or oil on the surface of the mold, so that the subsequent sealing agent and release agent (wax) can be firmly attached to the mold, clean The mold water is generally rubbed twice, first wipe the mold water with gauze on the surface of the mold and then wipe it dry, then apply a layer of clean mold water, let it fully evaporate (about half an hour), then wipe it with a clean dry cloth. .

4. Sealing mold--For glass fiber reinforced plastic products requiring medium finish, it is generally possible to polish with No. 3 polishing agent. However, after the surface of the mold is only polished, there are still many fine holes that are invisible to the naked eye. Therefore, for the FRP products requiring high precision, these fine holes must be sealed off, so that the accuracy of the FRP products is further upgraded. The specific method is to uniformly apply the sealing agent to the mold surface with gauze, let it dry (about 30-60 minutes), and then wipe it to bright with a clean dry cloth. If it is a new mold, it should be sealed four times. If it is a new mold, it can be sealed twice.

5, demoulding - according to the thickness of the production of FRP products, choose different release agents. For cast-molded FRP sanitary ware or thicker FRP products with a thickness of about 5 mm, the high heat-releasing wax is used because the FRP solidification heat is relatively large. The specific release wax is preferably wrapped with gauze and wrapped in a proper amount of release wax and then uniformly applied to the surface of the mold by gauze, so that it is uniform and economical, so that the release wax is not scattered and is allowed to dry out (30- 60 minutes), then clean the gauze with a hand or polish the machine to the light. The new mold can be used 4 to 5 times before the mold release wax. After the first product is demolded, the mold release wax can be removed once each time. In order to improve the smoothness of the product and improve the working efficiency, the release agent should be applied once at the time of demoulding, so that the product has high smoothness and avoids the need to clean the wax after using the release wax multiple times.

Second, after a period of production mold surface refurbishment: After many times using mold release wax or long-term storage mold release wax has been oxidized, when the production of FRP products, the surface roughness due to wax accumulation affects the product finish, then refurbished and refurbished, available Clean the mold agent twice to clean all the wax, then seal it twice with the sealing agent, and then remove the wax three times. The mold is completely new and can be used again.

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